Trash the Dress Trend

In today's world, things are changing swiftly; nothing is sacrosanct. Traditions are giving way to trends. It applies to almost everything you can think of. Take weddings for instance, couples prefer a more intimate ceremony rather than an all out wedding, brides prefer informal wedding dresses as opposed to traditional wedding gowns, weddings are taking place on locations like beaches or backyards unlike olden times where churches were the preferred venue.

A new trend called trash the dress is making headlines in the wedding photography segment and more and more brides are opting for this quirky custom.

For novices who are not sure what trash the dress is, it is an up and coming form of photography that involves the bride being pictured in her wedding dress at the most unexpected locations and surroundings, the idea being showcasing an elegant dress in an out of place locale. Though the thought sounds eccentric, the idea behind is to have fun and freak out showing your wild side and have fun at the same time. Also,the fact that the wedding dress is perhaps the most expensive dress for most women and just to wear it once doesn't seem worth. So modern couples in most countries are now opting for this custom of trash the dress, which gives the bride a chance to showcase her madness and excitement, it is also known as a fearless bride or rock the frock, fittingly.

Though in the literal sense of the word trash, most brides do not really do any hardcore damage to the dress, they prefer just some fun with water and mud. However some extreme cases are known to burn or shred the dress. But most brides prefer keeping the dress as a reminder of their big day and hence just stick to the beach, marshland, rail tracks or a rural setting where they click photographs with the most unconventional backdrops where the bride gets to relive her wedding day.

Taking pictures in the woods, underwater, in a warehouse, in a swarm, at an auto repair center, on mountain rocks, a children's park, an old bench, vintage locales etc are good ideas where one can get beautiful shots of the trash the bride trend apart from the usual locales. For example,a wedding photographer can try clicking pictures at lake to get the feel of nature at its best. Whether the venue is breathtakingly beautiful or plain filthy, the enthusiasm of the bride and the photographer is something that gives a different feel to the pictures. A lot of renowned photographers are now opting for trash the dress photograph which has caught the attention of a lot of to be married couples who now prefer to carry their wedding dress on their honeymoon where they click the trash the dress pictures and the moments are captured forever.

When you plan your wedding, make sure you pay equal importance to this trend and talk it out with your photographer and ensure he is competent for the job or else you can hire a special photographer just for the trash the dress shoot. Pictures taken in low light, under gray skies look beautiful and as it adds classy undertones to the wild side.The idea is to let go and have fun and the only way to capture the perfect moment is by enjoying every minute of the shoot.

Article inspired by Perth Wedding Photographers.


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