How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

Congratulations! You're taking one of the biggest steps of your life: getting married. There's so much to do, so much to plan for and decide on in the next few months. Choosing who will be in your bridal party is one of those decisions. Bridesmaids can either be a pleasure or a pain, or both. These are the women (or girls) who will be your support system as you plan your wedding. However, making the choice of who to include (or exclude) can be a frustrating process. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but you can't afford to pick just anyone, either. Here are some tips to help you make choosing your bridesmaids an easier process.

First, who are you closest to? This is a bigger factor than any other. You want the people around you on your joyous day to be positive, supportive people who will help you with anything from a stuck zipper to a case of cold feet. It doesn't do anyone any favors if you include your sister with whom you have a difficult relationship, and leave out your closest friend, because you feel you have to. Yes, family is very important, but they will be related to you all your life, and will be there through most (if not all) of the happy days coming to you in the future. Friends are the family you choose. Select most of your bridesmaids from the group of women YOU want to be there, and if you have room, of course ask whichever family members you feel comfortable including. Remember, this is your wedding, not theirs.

Expertise. It helps to have women in your bridal party that are either married themselves, or have knowledge of some aspect of the wedding planning process. That way, when you are at the florist (or caterer, or hairdresser), feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you, you will have someone to help you calm down and  make an informed choice. Having a knowledgeable bridesmaid with you when planning your wedding also is greatly helpful in keeping your costs down. Places that deal in weddings tend to enjoy overcharging the unwary and naive, they count on you being too excited about your wedding to notice that things shouldn't cost quite THAT much. They also enjoy telling you that, "NO expense is too great for your special day." I'm sorry, but I prefer to have some money left for the HONEYMOON (something else your bridesmaids can help you with planning).

Patience. It is a REQUIREMENT for a bridemaid. Brides, even the most calm and laid-back ones, can turn into monsters when faced with the stress of planning a wedding. Bridesmaids need to be able to understand that when you snap at them for picking out the wrong color fabric, for example, that you are not lashing out at them as a person - it is just the situation. If you love your college friend and want her to be a bridesmaid, but know she is high-strung and prone to anxiety over small things, it might be best to either invite her only as a guest or give her a relatively simple, low-stress task to help you with as a bridesmaid.

Selectively fashion-blind. No matter how ugly the dress is, if they can't put up with it for a few hours, they probably shouldn't be in a position to wear it. I sympathize with bridesmaids everywhere, though - I will never forget the vivid purple and teal ruffled monster I had to wear to a whole day wedding/reception/hike (yes, hike)/ceremony which I still don't understand. But they are your bridesmaid because you want them involved, they need to be able to sacrifice a little bit of pride to show their support for you. Plus, if the dress is REALLY ugly, you can have a dress-burning party afterward. (That was the best part for me.)

Above all, remember that the relationships and feelings you have towards all the women in your bridal party developed before your engagement, and will endure long afterward. Include the people YOU want to, but don't alienate anyone. If someone is left out and feels hurt by it, explain the rationale for your decision kindly, and if they are very close to you, offer to seat them in a place of honor at your wedding (if possible). I hope this small guide helps you better decide who in your life will be the best choices as bridesmaids. Happy planning!

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Thank You Messages for Bridesmaids

Thank you messages for bridesmaids! If you need a thank you note that you can send to your devoted and supportive bridesmaids, you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find the perfect thank you messages to say to your bridesmaids. Read on to select the best thank you message for your bridesmaids.

Well! Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage! And this very moment it’s a chance for you to express deep gratitude

for your bridesmaid who has been very supportive throughout your wedding. Here is an excellent collection of thank you messages for bridesmaid to choose from. Read on to find the perfect than you note for your bridesmaid.

1 Hi (name)! I just want to express my gratitude and say thank you. Standing by my side on my wedding day makes me feel

comfortable and relaxed. Thank you my friend!

2 I’m so grateful that you become my bridesmaid. I appreciate your help and the encouragement you have shown from the start

until the end of my wedding day. You simply calm my nervous body and shaking knees. Thank you very much (name)!

3 Hello my friend (name)! I’d like to thank you for performing a very special part during my wedding day. I and my husband

appreciate all your efforts and help. You were the perfect bridesmaid! Good job my friend!

4 Hi (name)! I personally want to express my gratitude and say thank you for standing by my side and being my bridesmaid. With you standing next to me within the ceremony made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you my dear friend!

5 Thanks a lot (name) for being my bridesmaid. Thank you so much for your wonderful love and support. It was so sweet and very important to me in every way.

6 Hello there my dear friend (name)! I would like to say thank you for accepting the hard task of a bridesmaid. Honestly, I was

truly relieved with your love and support. Thank you!

7 Thanks a lot (name) for supporting me in every single way. I’m nervous and yet you make me calmed. You are such an incredible bridesmaid. The best bridesmaid ever!

8 I will always remember all your efforts and spent time with us preparing for our wedding day. You have done your job well and two thumbs up for that my friend! Thank you for being my bridesmaid and doing the job perfectly. You have been a part of my unforgettable day! Thank you so much!

The job of a bridesmaid is in fact not an easy task. So right after your wedding day, take time and see to it that you send a card, tex tor email with a lovign and thoughtful thank you message to your bridesmaid.

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What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book

What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book! Do you usually get stuck with the words on what to write in a wedding guest book. Well check out this article and have fun with the wonderful collection of sample wedding guest book messages. Convey your best wishes using the perfect message you like and express you congratulatory wedding wishes for the newly weds with thoughtful and meaningful wedding guestbook messages.

The moment couple gets married they will surely find ways to perfectly settle their new life as a husband and wife. Their wedding guestbook is actually one of their treasures that can possibly bring back and refresh their wedding memoirs. The best spot  where the best wishes from the guests are written and expressed.

As one of the special guests during their wedding day, you just don’t want to give them ordinary wishes hence, make it more extra special and sweet by using perfect words and phrases. Here are some great samples of what to write in a wedding guest book. Enjoy!

1 Congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding ceremony is beautiful and full of inspiring memories. I wish and I pray to the Lord that only love and happiness will conquer your new world as a husband and wife. God bless both of you.

2 Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you all the best in your married life. Love each other forever and let God be the center of your relationship. Grow old with each other and enjoy each loving arms. God bless!

3 Congratulations! You are now one in the eyes of God. Enjoy each other’s arms and keep the love in the air. I’m looking forward for the new generation of your children. Happy wedding!

4 Happy wedding and best wishes to both of you! May you continue share each loving arms. And also may you always live in peace and perfect companionship as well. Thank you for inviting me to see your wedding ceremony. It’s my pleasure. God bless!

5 Best wishes! You are both special in my heart because you guys are good friends of mine. I’m happy to see share each other vows and keep it solid and strong as years goes by. I’m looking forward to see your baby soon. Congratulations and happy wedding!

6 Congratulations _____ and _____, you are now officially husband and wife. I want you to know that I’m very happy for both of you. I wish and I pray that you may have a blessed married life ahead and that you enjoy the true essence of love and relationship. Trust each other and keep the faith burning. Happy wedding!

7 Happy wedding to both of you! I know both of you are excited to spend your lives as husband and wife. Stay happy and in-love. Enjoy each companion and never break your vows. Love you guys and congratulations!

Wedding is definitely a very special occasion that should be celebrated by everyone thus sending your best wishes for the couple will certainly add excitement as they enter together the new chapter of the lives. 

Hopr you enjoyed reading this wonderful collection of sample wedding guest book messages. So bookmark this page and express you congratulatory wedding wishes for the newly weds with thoughtful and meaningful wedding guestbook messages.  

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Congratulatory Wedding Messages and Best Wishes

congratulatory Wedding Messages and Best Wishes , wedding messages , best wishes for the newlywed couple, examples for wedding messages, best wedding messages , list of wedding messages you can use, marriage wishes and sayings, congratulation wedding messages and wishes, congratulation wishes for newlywed couple

Majority of the people when get invited to weddings often use the one and only phrase “Congratulations to both of you “or simply “Congratulations” or “Best Wishes “ as a wedding wish. It is indeed the most common and run of the mill message used for wishing a newly married couple.

Saying simply “congratulations” and “best wishes” is the easiest way to convey your wedding wishes or wedding messages. But in reality it is the dullest, boring and uninteresting way to show the bride and groom your gratitude for their wedding invitation and your well wishes; as they embark on their new life as a newlywed couple.

The wedding wishes for the married couple need not to be something fancy but it would be definitely a great idea to be a little creative and thoughtful.  Sincere wedding wishes coming straight from the heart are certainly much valuable and appreciated. The wedding wishes would really mean a lot to the newlyweds if you really mean it.

Giving importance to the wedding wish you want to convey to the newlywed couple is an excellent way to show the bride and groom that you really care.  There are different ways to convey your wedding message. You can send a video or audio message, email or card, whatever you choose try to be brief and concise in lettering your wedding wish.

For those of you who find it difficult to write a wedding wish here is a collection of wedding messages to choose from.

1 Here's wishing each new day finds your hearts closer, your lives fuller, your love deeper. Congratulations on your new life together.

2 May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. May your joy last forever. Congratulations!

3 Finding someone to share your life with is an awesome thing. Congratulations to both of you.

4 May your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on you wedding.

5 Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.

6 Marriage is not only the beginning of a relationship but also the end of a life long search for the other half of your soul. Congratulations to both of you.

7 Words are just not quite enough today

 When your love will light the way

 To a wedding filled with joy neverending

 The warmest wishes are what we are sending.

8 May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems made in heaven!

9 May the Good Lord always be at the heart of your marriage, a light in your home, and a constant presence in your life together. Congratulations.

10 What God has joined together, Let no one put asunder. Wishing you every happiness, may all your dreams come true. Congratulations

 Now you have this excellent list of messages to choose from. So why resort to the mundane and boring way of wishing when you can convey your wishes with some of the best congratulatory wedding messages.  

Bookmark this page right now and use these congratulation messages to convey your wishes to the newlywed couple. 

Weddings - Parasol Paradise

Wedding parasols create a stunning visual impact for brides, bridesmaids and guests. They can also be used as table or venue decorations to make your wedding day stand out from the rest.

Imagine the perfect day. The morning sun is shining, the warm breeze is a mere tickle on your skin and your wedding day awaits you. It’s a gorgeous scene that many women have dreamed upon, time and time again, but is there something missing? To protect the bridge against the midday heat there is nothing quite so beautiful, as a simple lace parasol.

They don’t even need to have a purpose, as the decorative effect they can create can be amazing and inexpensive. They’ll add a delightfully romantic touch to any wedding and give your photos that little ‘something extra’.

For any summer wedding where couples are planning outdoor ceremonies, wedding parasols may prove to be useful in more ways than one. They can shade the bride, bridesmaids and guests from the heat of the sun and prove worth their weight in gold should the chance of a few raindrops appear.

Some brides have left a basket of paper parasols for their guests to take as they please, at the entrance of the ceremony venue. Even better, you can co-ordinate the colour to fit in with that of your bridesmaids and you’ll have a picture perfect wash of colour that will light up your wedding.

Some brides and bridesmaids have actually swapped their floral bouquets for silk, hand painted parasols. This can actually work out cheaper than the traditional floral counterpart and the bride can add a touch of drama to her wedding by hiding behind her parasol until the last moment when she reaches her husband-to-be. Some ceremonies have had several bridesmaids hide the bride with multiple open parasols until the very last moment, before they all pull them away with a flourish.

Not only that, but parasols make the perfect prop for any photographer. Have a shot taken with the bride and groom stealing a kiss behind a parasol, with the sun in the background. Another great picture would be the bride and the bridesmaids holding them at different angles for maximum impact. Take one of the open parasols covered in a storm of confetti or the maid of honour taking a friendly swat at the best man, with her closed one.The ideas are simply endless.

You don’t need a person behind a parasol to create stunning impact, however. They can make amazing outdoor table decorations, the stems of which can be lit with fairy lights. You could choose to hang multiple coloured parasols upside down from the ceiling to decorate your dance floor, with lanterns strung between them. Some of the most simple ideas are often the best, however, and several single white parasols lining a walkway with a lantern behind them, create a fantastic wow factor without the shocking expense.

Parasols can be bought in bulk from as little as $5 and will be a versatile addition to any ceremony. A clever bride might decide to upgrade her parasols from paper to nylon and use them as wedding favours to give to her female guests. She could also tie her ‘Order of Service’ around the parasol handle with a bright ribbon.

Parasols can be bought in a multiple of shades, fabrics, designs and shapes. They will add a feminine touch to any wedding and give your guests something to talk about for many weeks to come!


Thank You Messages for Wedding Guests

Thank You Messages for Wedding Guests! Right after the rush of opening all your wonderful wedding presents, it merely takes a few minutes for you to totally realize that you actually need to write many thank you notes to your wedding guests. In this article you will find an excellent collection of sample thank you notes and messages for your wedding guests.

Right after the rush of opening all your wonderful wedding presents, it merely takes a few minutes for you to totally realize that you actually need to write many thank you notes to your wedding guests. In this article you will find an excellent collection of sample thank you notes and messages for your wedding guests

To send thank you messages for your wedding guests here is an awesome list of thank-you messages and sayings to get you going. Read on to choose the perfect thank you message for your wedding guests. 

1 Along with our sincere appreciation of your goodness, both of us would like to express our warmest thank you you for your nice present and good wishes. Thank you for coming on our wedding day!

2 I and my wife/husband are thanking you sincerely for your company gift and good wishes. We really appreciate it, thank you so much for your love and support!

3 Allow us to extend our deepest gratitude for all your love and support. Plus your wedding gift is really appreciated. Thank you for becoming a part of our big day!

4 Thank you for your gift. It’s something really generous and thoughtful act. Please accept our warmest thanks.

5 You really fulfill our happiness as a new couple with your beautiful gift, Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for being there on our wedding day.

6 Thank you very much for your unending love! The glass vase you have given to us is basically beautiful. I already know exactly where to put that beautiful vase. Include us in your prayers. Thank you again!

7 What an amazing friends you are! You know us well plus you guys have just selected the best gift for us. Your gift will definitely bring us joy every time we are going to use it. Thank you!

8 Hello! We just want to thank you guys for sharing our wedding day with us. You have supported us all the way until the end of our wedding day. Many thanks and see you soon!

9 What a wonderful wedding gift you picked for us! Your gift is actually one of our very special gifts that we can use and have fun with for the years to come!

10 I absolutely liked your surprised. The set of plates and bowls is something very useful. I will love using it each day in my kitchen. I personally thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Hope you enjoyed reading this amazing list of thank you messages for wedding guests. When your wedding day is over it doesn’t mean it ends there. It is still your responsibility to take acknowledge the presence of your guests especially your principal sponsors who just made your wedding day possible.

Appreciate the efforts, love and support by simply sending your friends and relatives thank you messages.Also read Thank You Notes and Messages for Wedding.

Gorgeous Fall Wedding Invitations by PurpleTrail

Fall in love and find gorgeous fall wedding invitations at There are so many beautiful fall inspired wedding invites for you to personalize. You can even create gorgeous fall wedding stationary sets so that all your wedding stationary coordinates with your fall themed wedding invitations. Choose one of these designs to make your own!

It's hard to think about fall when summer is just starting but if you are planning a fall wedding, fall's been on your mind all year long! You can create gorgeous fall wedding invitations at There are beautiful designs that capture the essence of fall and all the rich and warm golden, red, brown and orange hues. PurpleTrail's collection of fall wedding invites is full of unique designs that you can easily personalize for your wedding day. 

Green, Brown, and Orange Autumn Themed Wedding Invitation. These simple fall wedding invitations are delightful. Part of a set, you can coordinate all your wedding stationary with this design. The winding branch with Autumn leaves travels across the top and bottom of these wedding invites.  A simple embellishment that frames all your wedding details beautifully. 

Birch Tree and Fall Leaves. A beautiful, simple, romantic design for the couple to be wed in the fall. The light linen background is the perfect canvas for the white trees and golden orange leaves. All the wedding details are listed next to the fall scene and a sweet verse acts as a prelude to it all. 

Polka Dot Orange and Brown Fall Wedding Invitation. These wedding invites incorporate fall colors with a whimsical design. The single leaf at the top and the polka dot banner at the bottom create a playful spin of fall details. The color is warm and lovely and there's plenty of room for all your wedding details. 

Multi-Colored Fall Leaves Wedding Invites. These delightful fall wedding invitations embody all the splendor of fall. The golden colored leaves cascading down the invitation are striking. There is a slight overlay of texture on the leaves creating depth to the images. The variance in text breaks up the details nicely. Your guests will love these fall wedding invites. 

Golden Colored Fall Themed Wedding Invitations. The warm and bright colors of these wedding invites are crisp and wonderful. The modern tree design lends itself beautifully to a classic fall motif. The soft linen colored background creates a simple canvas for your wedding details to shine. This design is easily personalized in the PurpleTrail design center. 

It is easy to create memorable and unique fall wedding invitations from PurpleTrail. They have a spectacular design center that gives you the freedom to customize all the elements of your wedding invitations. You can even create corresponding address labels and custom envelopes to carry your theme in all the details. 

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband! If you are looking for a perfect wedding anniversary message then your search ends here. In this this article you will find an excellent collection of wedding anniversary messages for your dear husband. Read on to choose the perfect wedding anniversary message for your Life partner.

Your wedding anniversary is actually without a doubt the most significant moment in your married life therefore, celebrating this very special moment should be in style. Start by sending a sweet and loving anniversary message to your partner. 

Send a sweet and loving wedding anniversary messages for your husband and wish your hubby an everlasting relationship with him. Preparing and thinking for a best wedding anniversary message for husband reflects your  true love for your dear husband for completing another happy year with him. Read on to choose the best weeding anniversary messages to greet your dear husband on your wedding anniversary.

1 To the most loveable and wonderful man in my life, accept my warmest and heartiest anniversary message for you. Happy anniversary and I love you more and more!  I’m very blessed to have you in my life.

2  Happy anniversary to my dear husband! I’m so happy and bless because of your life. You are such as a great man that every single day, you remain responsible and loveable man. Thank you for all your love and support! Happy wedding anniversary and I want you to know that I’m going to love you forever.

3 It’s our wedding anniversary today! I wish that our special day will be filled with bliss and so many blessings from God. I love you my dear husband and I’m always here for you. I promise!

4 On our wedding anniversary, I simply wish you love and joy. I want to see your eyes sparkling more each day because of the love we share. I love you!

5 Happy anniversary my dear husband! You are priceless! I want to spend my life with you. You are always my love. I’m still in-love with you my dear husband. Happy anniversary and I truly love you!

6 Happy anniversary my dear man! I wish and I simply pray to God that our married life will continue to experience love and care. Cheers! For many great years of companionship! I love you! Happy anniversary!

7 They say that a perfect wife does give much happiness and as well as long-life to her dearest husband. So in that case, let me greet you a happy anniversary! And also allow me to wish you a long life so that we may both able enjoy more great years of companionship together. I love you!

8 Day after day my love for you grows. Happy anniversary my husband. You know how much I love you!

9 My life has never been this special without you. On this day, I would like to greet you a happy anniversary! I will never forget the day we share our dreams together and now that we have raised our own family, I still feel the same. My love for you will never end. I love you my dear husband.

Celebrate your anniversary by sending these special happy anniversary wishes and messages to your dear husband. You can share your message as a text message or maybe you can write this message on a card with your special gift for your husband. Happy Wishing! 

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Weddings in India: What to Wear, What to Expect, What is Expected from You?

All that you need to know before you attend a wedding in India. From what to wear,where to stay,dance, food,gifts etc.

If weddings everywhere in the world are a big deal then in India they are even bigger. They differ from region to region and each community has their unique set of rituals and traditions. In general it’s a festive time celebrated with family, extended family, relatives, neighbors and everyone they have ever known, so don’t be surprised to be invited to a wedding where you barely know the hosts.

What to wear?

In spite of the numerous traditions and regional variation of similar rituals, one thing that is common to any Indian wedding is how colorful everything is. So to blend in make sure you are wearing something bright and colorful. Most Indian brides wear red or shades of red, green, pink etc. on their wedding day. Plain white or black should be avoided since they are the colors worn to mourn.

Wearing an Indian outfit would best suit the occasion, since almost everyone around would be in one.

The women will always be in Indian outfits like ‘saris’ (a long rectangular piece of cloth elegantly draped around the body, exposing the midriff, back and arms), ‘salwaar – kameez’ (a kind of harem pant worn along with a tunic and a scarf) or ‘lehenga choli’ (long skirt & blouse).

The men on the other hand could choose between the Indian ‘Sherwaani' (a tight trouser tapered towards to ankle, with a long knee-length tunic) or a Western outfit - trouser and shirt or even a jeans-shirt combination paired with a formal blazer or jacket.

Most common fabrics worn at weddings will be silk, crepe, georgette, tissue and shamoi-satin. No matter what the fabric is it will have heavy embroidery either in gold zari or sequence. Indian weddings have a lot of glitter, shimmer, gold, silver, crystals and diamonds. It’s the best time for the women to remove their finest jewelry to go with their heavy outfits.

If you don’t want to wear an Indian outfit formal western wear should be fine too. Avoid wearing anything that shows off too much leg or cleavage. You could also wear a ‘kurti’, an Indian embroidered top/tunic over trousers to create an indo-western outfit.

What to expect?


Weddings in India could very well be a long affair, unless the families choose to make it a simple and quick one with a ceremony early in the day followed by a reception in the evening. Otherwise, expect a minimum of 3 days of fun, food, music, singing, dancing and late nights.


Usually the hosts are responsible to put up their guests and look after their meals for all the days they are visiting. Based on how much money the hosts have and how much are they willing to spend, accommodation could be anywhere from a common hall laid out with a row of mattresses and pillows to being put up in separate hotel rooms.

There could be a good blend of the two extremes, where close family and relatives choose to stay together at a common place versus being scattered in different hotel rooms. It is considered a lot more fun when everyone stays together, eats together, plays, sings and dances into the wee hours of the morning.

It would be considered offensive, if on reaching the venue, you change your mind to make your own lodging arrangements.

If you are being put up by the hosts, which eventually you will be (considering how important hosting guests is in the Indian culture) it’s courtesy to then come in only a day before the festivities begin and leave a day or two once they end.


It’s a Feast! Food served on the days of the function would usually be a rich and lavish layout of popular regional dishes, along with common Indian items. These days’ hosts have started including well-known international dishes like Italian pasta, mini pizzas, Chinese fried rice, manchurian, chowmein etc. Expect to see different stalls set-up to serve variety of food types, from finger foods to appetizers, soups, salads, beverages, desserts, traditional sweets, international, Indian, regional and the list is never ending.

You will easily find pure vegetarian and even vegan food and based on the region, you may also find non-vegetarian options served on such occasions. Non-vegetarian food is usually limited to chicken, fish and mutton (goat meat, similar to lamb).

Music & Dance

Music and dance is an integral part of most Indian weddings. Usually there is an evening allotted specially to singing, music and dance called ‘sangeet’, where guests gather to sing combinations of folk songs and latest bollywood numbers. Relatives and close friends could be seen putting up choreographed dance performances to entertain the guests and usually after which the floor is open to everyone to join in the fun.

There is no specific dance styles that is followed, but a lot of free-form and bollywood dancing. It’s about expressing your happiness for the bride, groom and their families and dancing is a quintessential way of doing just that. The typical dance moves that will get you through any Indian function is raising both your arms to a little above shoulder level and moving them with the music. Check out a video on how to do “bhangra” if you want to prepare this before hand. It’s fairly simple and as long as you participate, Indians don’t care too much about the steps.

Moreover the music and dance is not limited just to this function. Expect to see a lot of it throughout the wedding week especially during the henna application (mehendi) and groom’s procession (baraat).

What is expected from the guests?

Do I need to attend all the functions?

It is primarily up to you to make that decision, although among all the ceremonies there are a few which you shouldn’t miss if this is your first time at such a wedding. The ‘haldi’ (application of turmeric), ‘mehendi’ (application of henna) and the baraat (groom’s procession) are some of the unique experiences of an Indian wedding. The baraat is attended by only those invited from the groom’s side though.

The main wedding ceremony is usually observed by close family and friends and is not necessary to stay for this. So if you have to make a choice between the main ceremony and the reception its perfectly fine to just attend the reception.

Ideally if you are taking all this effort to attend a wedding in a foreign land my advice would be to try and be a part of all the festivities. It’s a special experience!

Do I need to confirm my attendance for each of the gathering that I plan to attend?

It is not necessary, since usually the food arrangements are buffet style which gives the hosts enough room to accommodate for more or less easily. Besides, there is no fixed seating arrangements or favor count. The hosts more often than not always keep a reasonable buffer on all aspects.


Unless it is not explicitly mentioned on the wedding invite, gifts are expected. It could be anything from a bouquet of flowers to cash in a fancy envelope. You could also present the couple household items or a gift certificate. If you plan to give cash make it an odd number like 101 or 351 etc. Odd numbers are considered auspicious.

Do I need to stay from the beginning to the end of each ceremony?

You can be well assured that if the invite says 7PM, no one will show up until 7:30 or 7:45PM and it would be almost 8 PM till the house is full. Once there, it would be best to wait till the food is laid out and it is considered okay for the guests to start leaving once dinner is done. If the food is served but the rituals still seem to be on , it wouldn’t be considered rude for you to proceed towards the food stalls unless and until you are required by the priest to be present for the ceremony (highly unlikely).


If the wedding is in Bombay, India, you may find thisinteresting.

Create Gorgeous Winter Wedding Invitations

The winter season is a perfect time for a wedding. You can easily set the tone for your winter wedding with gorgeous winter wedding invitations. Using bold red and icy blue and silver, Wedding Paperie has created a stunning collection of holiday theme and wintry wedding invites that you can easily customize for your wedding day.

The winter holiday season brings so much inspiration for wedding planning. It's easy to incorporate winter's beauty into all aspects of your wedding including your wedding stationary. Wedding Paperie has a gorgeous collection of wedding invitiations full of wintry beauty and style. Wedding Paperie has created a stationary site dedicated to all things wedding and you can fully customize the details of the wedding invitations. Here are some of the gorgeous winter wedding invitations you will find on Wedding Paperie's site. 

Snowflake Red Monogram Winter Wedding Invitation. These gorgeous red and white winter wedding invites are stunning with the close up design of an individual snowflake. Snowflakes are a lovely winter wedding theme because no two are ever alike. They are unique just like your love for one another. The monogram can be customized using Wedding Paperie's design center. This cards is designed in 5.5" x 8.5" size so it's big and bright. 

Believe Winter Wedding Invitations. You can share your favorite couple picture on these wintry wedding invites. The design is simple and lovely. The soft gray and blue colors pair beautifully. These winter wedding invites are crisp and cool like a perfect winter day. They are designed in a 5x7 size and can be fully customized. 

Blue and White Wintry Wedding Invitations. This serene winter scene is a lovely combination of stark and bright. The stark birch trees against the bright blue background and balanced by the soft gray stripe. The couple's names are easily customized and all the wedding details are listed on the back of the card. A unique square shape, these 5.25"x5.25" winter wedding invites make a gorgeous statement. 

Blue and White Holiday Wedding Invitation. These wedding invitations capture the magic of the winter season. With the beautiful snowflakes falling in the background and the ornament style framing in red highlighting the wedding details. The colors used are a mix of soft and bright leaving these 5"x7" winter wedding invites perfectly balanced. 

Silver and Blue Swirls Holiday Wedding Invitations. These winter wedding invites have a touch of elegance. The swirling silver and blue background is stylish and sophisticated. The colors are icy and embody winter time beauty. You can easily customize these square wedding invites for your winter wedding celebration. 

Taupe Winter Birch Wedding Invitation. These winter wedding invitations are striking with their taupe and white color scheme. The taupe background almost has a soft shimmer and the white birch trees are one of winter's most beautiful scenery. They are simple yet have an elegant appeal. They are designed in 8.5" x 5.5" size allowing you to maximize your impression with guests.  

Red and White Flourish Holiday Wedding Invitation. These lovely red and white holiday themed wedding invitations are bold in color and pattern. The paisley flourish at the top is striking. The white accents and font color work beautifully to highlight all the important wedding details. These 5"x7" wedding invitations can be fully customized to fit your wedding style and theme. 

Winter weddings are so beautiful. Set the tone for your holiday season wedding with stylish winter wedding invites from Wedding Paperie. 

Tropical Themed Wedding Design Ideas

The best colors, flowers and accessories for a tropical themed summer wedding.

A tropical design theme for a wedding breathes life into the event through the use of bold colors and plenty of fresh flowers. Ideal for summer nuptials, a tropical theme relies heavily on its vivacious color story which makes it easy to convey without going over the top with heavy-handed theme items. 

The Colors

The color scheme for a tropical wedding is bright, bold and perfect for summer. 

The primary color palette for a tropical theme should include shades of:

  • Yellow
  • Red/pink
  • Orange
  • Purple

Great accent colors for a tropical theme include:

  • Ivory/white
  • Neutral tones like tan
  • Subdued, muted ocean blues and greens

The key to this effervescent color palette is to choose two to three of the primary colors and one or two accent colors. Brides and grooms should make those color choices based on their personal taste. For example, if "tropical" means reds and yellows to you choose those shades accented by the secondary colors that you think look best along side those hues.


Hands down, the most important design point of a tropical wedding theme design is the use of flowers. There are several tropical and exotic flowers that express the summery, care-free aesthetic of this theme and incorporate the afore mentioned color story.  

  • African tulip:

    The African tulip is also known as the "flame of the forest" and features large scarlet red and orange petals. Not only is the African tulip breathtaking it is also less common in event floral displays; guests will be mesmerized.

  • Alpine aster:

    Great for bouquets and table displays, the alpine aster blooms in shades of pink, violet and white. The variations of color in the alpine aster fit perfectly into a tropical wedding theme.

  • Begonia nonstop red:

    One of the most vibrant incarnations of the tuberous begonia, the begonia nonstop red looks amazing in basket table displays. Wide double blossoms bloom in an incredible shade of magenta tinged red.

  • Birds of paradise:

    The shape of a blooming birds of paradise flower resemble the proud feathers of an exotic bird. Oranges and violets are the most prominent stars of these multicolored flowers.

  • Gardenias:

    A breath of fresh white in a very colorful design theme, gardenias are the perfect accent flower for a tropical wedding. Wide double and single bloomed gardenias are bright white and look beautiful in bouquets and cut arrangements.


Tropical themed wedding accessories and favors should help transport attendees to a romantic island oasis. Subtle touches can be combined with overt beach and tropical references for a dynamic and fully composed design scheme.

  • Umbrellas:

    A great way to tie in a tropical theme with cocktail service is to provide the ceremony and/or reception venue with small paper umbrellas to use as a drink accent. Full sized umbrellas can also be incorporated into the ceremony design (see How to Keep Guests Comfortable During a Beach Wedding for more details). When using full sized umbrellas, however, be sure to stay away from stereotypical and overly loud designs.

  • Seashells:

    Seashells work as great accents to a tropical design. Muted colors and a wide range of sizes and textures help tie together the sensory appeal of the event design while helping to bring guests to a tropical state of mind. Shells can be scattered on tables, placed in the bottom of vases or candle holders or incorporated into guest favors. Extremely versatile, seashells are the perfect tropical wedding accessories.

  • Palm trees and leaves:

    Nothing says 'tropical paradise' like palm trees. Avoid paper and inflatable palms like can be found at backyard parties and instead opt for those that look more natural. 

A tropical theme is perfect for a summer wedding and can help to create a fun, relaxing atmosphere for guests and wedding party alike.