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Choosing the Right Wedding Accessories

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Looking beautiful as a bride is easy if you have the right dress and accessories. When your day is coming up soon, it's time to start looking at some bridal accessories. What do you need to know about picking out the items that are best for you and your u

Creating a Balance

Having too many over the top elements will take away from the sophistication and elegance that a bride is supposed to have. On the contrary, not adding in any glitz and glam will make you look rather plain, and you might not have as much eye catching appeal as you could otherwise. Therefore, it's important to create a balance in all of your bridal accessories. For example, let's say your dress is fairly plain and classic. Add a shiny belt or a beautiful floral in your hair to have that one piece of pop. 

Choosing Bridal Hair Accessories

Whether you opt for a sophisticated and chic up-do or long and flowing waves on your wedding day, you're likely going to want some accessories. For ladies who aren't wearing a long veil, a short one that gently covers a side of your face can be really attractive. From feathers and flowers to ribbons and bows, your hair has the possibility to make a statement all of its own. Even if you want to have something much simpler, pretty pins, as opposed to the standard hair pins, take you up to a new level of style.

The Princess Appeal

Now, some brides absolutely want to look like a princess on their wedding days, and plenty of bridal accessories exist that allow them to create this perfect look. For example, instead of choosing a flower in the hair, they could opt for a tiara. These tiaras come in all different sizes. For the bride who wants to be a queen, tall ones are available. However, many of them are something in between a headband and tiara. They allow girls to have that princess feel without carrying a huge crown on their heads all day long. 

Picking Out the Jewelry

Jewelry is another must when it comes to selecting bridal accessories. These should accentuate and complement the gown and hairstyle you're wearing on your special day. Try to find something that is within the same style family. It's also a smart decision to pick all of the jewels in one tone whether it be gold, white gold or silver. In fact, you may want to match the jewelry to your wedding band. Choosing items that have lots of shine to them will certainly catch the eye of your new husband and of all your guests. 

What Other Accessories Are There?

Maybe some of these options are not quite for what you are searching, and you want to know what your other choices are. Of course, a veil is considered an accessory, and selecting a cathedral length one will really show your level of taste and sophistication. You could also add beading, flowers, a belt or other accessories to your dress; talk to your bridal shop consultant about the different possibilities. Ladies might also decide to have a little shawl for taking pictures outdoors or a bag with all of their makeup and supplies. Whatever you decide, be sure that the pieces are emblematic of you. 

That last bit of information is really the most important. When it comes to weddings, you might feel pressured into buying or wearing things you don't want. Remember, the only person who needs to feel comfortable in the clothing and accessories is you, the beautiful bride.


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