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Bad Time Management Made Me a Late Bride

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Like most brides, I started planning our wedding a year in advance. We had the perfect place picked out, the perfect reception, the perfect colors, the perfect flowers, the perfect food etc. The biggest mistake I made however was about me. Not giving mys

Like most brides, I started planning our wedding a year in advance. We had the perfect place picked out, the perfect reception, the perfect colors, the perfect flowers, the perfect food etc. The biggest mistake I made however was about me.

Of course I wanted to look beautiful on my wedding day and that meant having the perfect: hair, nails, and makeup, along with the perfect dress of course. Like most brides I wanted a trial run of what my hair and make up would look like. I found a very nice lady who did hair and make up and she worked with a manicurist and they were both willing to come to the house the day of the wedding. So they both did a trial run on my hair, nails, and makeup. I really liked the lady who did my hair and makeup and I loved what she did to my hair. I was not all that pleased with how she did my makeup. I figured I would have some at least a few minutes after she left before the wedding to add my own touches and I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I booked both ladies to come to my house the day of the wedding.

I figured an hour and a half before the wedding would be enough time. I didn't want to have my hair messed up so I figured if I had it done right before the wedding it would still look perfect. She had done the hair and makeup at her studio in about 30 minutes. So i figured that would give me an extra hour for what ever needed done or if she ran long or anything, plus the extra couple of minutes I needed to touch up my make up. The church was only 2 minutes from the house so travel time was not a big issue.

Well I figured my timing out all wrong. The lady for the hair and makeup arrived at the agreed time. She told me the manicurist could not make it but she did decent enough nails. The plan had been one would do the nails while the other worked on the hair and makeup, and now she had to do the nails too. Then my sister in law asked if she could do something with her hair really quick. My sister in law had really short hair so I figured it would not take long.

To make a long story short, my wedding was at 2:00 PM. At 1:50 I was still getting my hair done, and my dress was not even on yet. We had to rush to get my dress on and get me to the church. We arrived at the church at 2:07. Because I did not allow enough time for hair and makeup and enough fluff time in case something went wrong I was late for my own wedding, and my makeup did not look the way I wanted it to and I was a panicking upset bride.

I would recommend that brides give themselves at least 2 hours to get ready in case something does happen. You can always touch up your make up right before the ceremony and give your hair and extra hit of hairspray later. If you are ready early that is certainly better then not being ready in time. Be sure to have a bag packed and ready to go to the church that includes extra makeup, hair products, and bobby pins if you have an updo.  Also giving your self extra time will allow you time to fix or change something if you don't like it.  If you are not happy with how you look when you walk down the aisle this could put a damper on the ceremony.

Being late for my own wedding really stressed me out and started my special day off on a sour note.  Luckily the ceremony although a few minutes behind schedule went nicely and when it was all said and done I was married to the love of my life.  When things do go bad at a wedding you need to let them go, have a good laugh about it, and enjoy the rest of your special day.  Anything that goes wrong at a wedding aside from the bride or groom not showing up or someone getting hurt is not going to affect your marriage or the rest of your life. It is just something you will have to talk about later when you talk about your wedding. 


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